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UBuntu Remix DVD for AmigaONE X1000


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At long last there is a simple and easy way to try out Linux on your Next-Generation AmigaONE X1000 without resorting to entering long lines of unintelligible code. You can run Ubuntu Remix in Live mode straight from the DVD, or if you wish, can install it to your hard disk drive alongside your AmigaOS 4 installation with the simple step-by-step installation guide. The Live Ubuntu Remix DVD is the culmination of many months of work by the A-EON Technology Linux Support Team, a small, dedicated group of international AmigaONE X1000 beta testers and owners from the UK, Eire, Germany, Australia & New Zealand. Not only is Ubuntu now easy to setup and use on the AmigaONE X1000, the custom Linux Kernel includes full 3D hardware support for series 4xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx RadeonHD graphics cards. Also included on the DVD are the necessary development tools to enable you to compile your own kernel. Five unique A1-X1000 Linux Desktop backgrounds have been especially created for Ubuntu Remix DVD along with SuperTuxKart 0.8 AltiVecâ„¢, a free 3D kart racing game which has been customised for the AmigaONE X1000.

Selection of software included on the DVD plus access to thousands of additional free & commercial packages from the Ubuntu software centre:

  Libre Office Productivity suite: Writer wordprocessor, Calc spreadsheet, Draw, Impress presentation and Math packages.
  Internet: Firefox, Thunderbird Mail, Empathy Internet Messaging.
  Utilities: Disk Utility, Terminal, Text editor, Calculator, Archive manager.
  Graphics: GIMP Image Editor, Scribus DTP, Image & Document viewer. Shotwell Photo Manager.
  Sound & Video: VLC player, MoviePlayer, Brasero Disk burner, Minitube player, Rythmn Box Music Player.
  Games: SuperTuxKart, Neverputt, Gorky 17 Demo.
  Developer Tools: Ubuntu One configure and manage your own free Ubuntu One cloud account.

Minimum System Requirements
  AmigaONE X1000
  DVD Drive
  Hard Disk
  RadeonHD graphics card
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Upon ordering this product is carefully assembled and tested by our in-house Technician to our high quality standards. Some products may need configuring or flashing with the latest firmware. Click here to learn more..