A4000 ATX PSU Power Adapter Cable for Amiga 4000


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A4000 (TM)

A4000™ PSU to ATX Converter Cable suitable for Commdore Amiga 4000
Use a readily available ATX power supply in your Amiga 4000 with this high quality converter cable
Features standard Amiga 4000 6-pin power plug. It also features a separate P9 connector which can be optionally used for some PCI/Zorro daughter boards.
The adapter cable is supplied with two spades to connect to an existing case power switch or optionally the cable can be fitted with a power on/off switch on a 25cm (9-inch) cable (see configuration options below).
Adapter simply plugs onto a standard ATX Power Supply and into Amiga 4000 motherboard as shown below:
Amiga 4000 Power Plug
Adapter Power Plug
Amiga 4000 Power Socket
Adapter Plugged In Amiga 4000 Motherboard

Cable wire thickness is 18 AWG.
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