A1200 Triple LED Adapter (Power/HDD/FDD)


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New A1200™ LED adapter manufactured by Amiga Kit™
This is suitable for internal fitting in a Commodore Amiga 1200 desktop computer case.
The board features three LED modules: Power Light/Floppy Drive Light/Hard Drive Light
The three LED units are easily removable/interchangable without any soldering so that the colour configuration can be bespokely set by the user. Select the colour for each LED module that you require in the product options below. There is a choice of any combination from red, green and yellow. We can also supply spare additional LED modules of these colours.
It is easily installed into the Amiga 1200 case using the original two LED adapter screws. If you require new fixing screws then please select them in the product options below.
Features a socketted quick release cable - the original Commodore version would easily break where the old cable was soldered to the adapter board.
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