Competition Pro USB Joystick & 185 AMIGA Classix Games

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Competition Pro USB from Speedlink is remake of the classic joystick. Includes 185 Amiga Classix games on CD with this package.

This legendary digital joystick features four firing buttons and the turbo function permit enough control to defeat every opponent. Made of robust material the joystick is perfectly suitable for every game sequence.

The Competition Pro USB joystick is Perfect for use with emulators such as the Amiga Forever, VICE, UAE, MAME, WinUAE, E-UAE.

Digital joystick
Four buttons
Two axis
Turbo function
USB connector
Extremely robust stick made of metal
For use with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Apple MacOS X
Compatible with AmigaInput on AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.1
Compatible with Poseidon USB on the Amiga and lowlevel.library compliant games
Compatible with Poseidon USB on MorphOS and lowlevel.library compliant games

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Games on Amiga Classix Diamond Edition CD

 1497 - Five Years After
 18th Hole
 Amiga Mini Tiles
 Anstoß World Cup Edition
 Auf dem Weg nach Europa
 Ball Lightning
 Ball Master
 Battle Duel - Striving for Glory
 Battle Othello
 Black Dawn
 Bobble Puzzle
 Bobbydash 1
 Bomb Jacky
 Bomber Blaster
 Brain Race
 City Cars
 Crack Out
 Crazy 8's
 Das blaue Auge 2
     Das Erbe
     Das schmutzige Erbe
     Death Angel
     Death is on the Way
     Defender of the Crown
     Der Patrizier
     Der rasende Reporter
     Diplomacy 2.0
     Duel Sword Dudes
     Emeraude Empire
     Energie Manager
     Epsilon 9
     Fatal Impact
     Ford Capri Challenge
     Free Trading Company (DE)
     Free Trading Company (EN)
     Hanse - Die Expedition
     Indian Joe und der Schatz der Inkas
     It Came from the Desert
     It Came from the Desert II - Antheads
     Jimmy's Fantastic Journey
     Judgement Day
     Kingdom at War
     Krypton Egg
     Last Lap
     League Soccer Cards
     Lethal Formula
     Lords of the Rising Sun
     Metal Warrior
     Mobsters City
     Norse Gods
     Pepsi - All over the World
     Pick Out
     Raid II - Mission X
     Raid III - Total Fire
     Raid IV - Super Raid
     Realm of Sendai
     Relics of Deldroneye
     Relics of Deldroneye II
     Return to Zantis
     Shoot'em Baddies
 Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
 Soccer Cards US '94
 Solius the Sorcerer
 Somewhere in Time
 Space Job
 Starbase 13
 Strike Commander
 Swibble Dibble
 Teen Agent
 The Amazing Adventures of Harry Haddock
 The King of Chicago
 The Lost Prince
 The Shepherd
 The Simulator
 The Task
 The Three Stooges
 The World of Magic
 The World of Magic II - Ghelae and the Death Sword
 TV Sports Baseball
 TV Sports Basketball
 TV Sports Boxing
 TV Sports Football
 Ultimate Gameboy
 Virtual World
 Zock Out

Model: SpeedLink SL-6603-SBK