Competition Pro USB Sports Tournament Edition (USB)

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Competition Pro USB Joystick Sports Tournament Edition

They’re back! Now PC users can also compete in exciting competitions in the home-computer classics California Games, Summer Games and Winter Games – where the sports-game fun of yesteryear meets the high-res HD graphics of today. At the same time the COMPETITION PRO – arguably the best joystick ever – gives you that real retro feeling with its original 80s design, the famous click of its micro switches, and its modern-day USB connector – reviving the golden era of home computing.
The Competition Pro USB joystick is Perfect for use with emulators such as the Amiga Forever, VICE, UAE, MAME, WinUAE, E-UAE.


Digital joystick
Four buttons plus switchable rapid-fire function
Micro switches for that original sound and maximum robustness
USB connector
Extremely robust stick with metal spring
Three full versions on Windows PC compatible CD: California Games, Winter Games and Summer Games
Hardware for use with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Apple MacOS X
Compatible with AmigaInput on AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.1
Compatible with Poseidon USB on the Amiga and lowlevel.library compliant games
Compatible with Poseidon USB on MorphOS and lowlevel.library compliant games

Competition Pro USB Joystick Boxed

Manufacturer Product Code: SL-6603-SPORTS-EU