Amiga Serial RS232 Null Modem Adapter

Amiga Serial RS232 Null Modem Adapter


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Amiga Serial RS232 Null Modem Adapter

This adapter converts a serial modem cable with 25-pin male connector to a 25-pin female connector and also changes the serial cable to a null modem cable.

Null modem cables are used for serial port debugging between computers and also for transmitting information between two computers through the serial port.

Features 2x female 25-way connectors, one connector on each end of the adapter, so that this adapter.

Installation: plug one end of the adapter into the serial port on the rear of the Amiga and then connect a serial cable (male 25-pin) into the adapter. Ensure your Amiga is switched off first before connecting the adapter.

Software: This adapter is compatible with Amiga terminal software, Term 4.8 by Olaf Barthel (available freely from Aminet website).

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