Lyra 3 Keyboard Adapter Cable (A2000/A3000/A4000/CD32)

Lyra 3 Keyboard Adapter Cable (A2000/A3000/A4000/CD32)


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Lyra PS/2 Keyboard Adapter External adapter cable to permit the use of PC-keyboards (PS/2) on any Amiga A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000, A4000T or Amiga CD32.

Installation is very easy: plug the PC PS/2 keyboard into the adapter, then plug the other end of the Lyra cable adapter into the Amiga. No driver software necessary.

This adapter is also compatible with PS/2 version of the new AmigaOne Keyboard.

Please note that A1500, A2000 and A3000 with DIN keyboard sockets may also need to order the PS/2 (female) to DIN (male) adapter (see product option below).

New version 3 edition.

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