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ZorRAM is a new SDRAM Fast Memory expansion for Amiga!

Expand your Amiga 3000, 3000T, 4000 or 4000T with this 128MB or 256MB SDRAM memory expansion.

Board plugs into any free Zorro III expansion slot and auto-configures the memory for use as Fast Memory.

Compatible with AmigaOS 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 3.9 and the new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.

  128MB of Fast Memory (or 256MB option- see below)
  Zorro III 32-bit AutoConfig RAM Expansion
  Low power, cool 3.3v compact design (130mm x 55mm)
  Small size does not block the rear part of the slot
  New and exclusive AmigaKit.com product
  Tested OK with Mediator 4000Di and Mediator 4000D.
  Commodore A3640 and GVP 4060DT CPU cards support 4x ZorRAM 256MB cards installed at once to give 1GB Memory (click for picture)

Zorro Board ID: 3643 / 32

Note: This product is Zorro III only and will not work with Zorro II Amigas or some Zorro busboards. Buster rev 11 required on A4000 (not necessary for A3000). Actual appearance may vary from image shown. 256MB version is optional extra - see below to configure product.

ZorRAM Zorro Memory
ZorRAM installed in A4000 Desktop
ZorRAM Zorro Memory
(click to expand)
ZorRAM installed in
A4000 Desktop Zorro slots
(click to expand>

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