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SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V5.2

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Features a 50 pin SCSI II connector.
Connects to a SCSI interface card and permits access to a SD card as a fixed storage device.
Also compatible with A590 SCSI hard disk controller and GVP a500-hd+ Impact II for the Amiga 500.  
It is also compatible with C64 CMD HD-20 Hard disk controllers for C64 (aslong as you have Boot ROM V2.80 and use only 4GB)
Read/Write speeds achievable to a maximum of 2.5Mb/sec (approximately). Supports asynchronous transfers only.
Version: 5.2
Board dimensions: 10 x 9 x 1.5 cm
We also stock the higher performance SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6 (click here)
We also stock the 3.5" drive bay mounting bracket (click here)