Scala MM400 (Amiga CD)

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Scala MM400 is the well known software to generate perfect presentations or multimedia applications. No matter if you want Graphics, Animations, text or music backed videos - Scala offers all you need to compose and control even complex projects.

This new Nightshift edition of Scala is supplied with the complete Scala equipment plus all system fonts in colorful versions. Many buttons, textures and more goodies complete the set of tools you need to start right away.


Image Processing
  Optimize palette/ Lock palette
  Automatic saving of processed files (Snapfiles)
  GIF, BMP, TIFF, FLC and other file formats

  ScalaType fast outline fonts
  ScalaType outline font antialiasing
  ScalaType automatic aspect ratio
  ScalaType AutoKerning
  ScalaType font stretching
  New antialiasing levels
  Save page text as ASCII

  Curved fly-ons

  Integrated Video Digitizer(Frame Grabber) support

  File requester shuffler
  Greater Shuffler versatility

New, enhanced EXes
  Compatible with mostly all Genlocks
  Compatible with mostly all Video Digitizers
  File Format EXes

  New Workbench icon: Tooltypes

  Support for right-to-left languages

Supplied on Amiga CDROM.