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Prometheus PCI Busboard (A4000 / A3000)

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A PCI busboard for the Amiga A4000 / A3000 - now your classic Amiga can gain 4x PCI slots!

With PCI capability, your Amiga can have selected 3D graphics cards such as the Voodoo 3000. The Amiga can also be fitted with selected PCI network cards and gain access to broadband internet and computer workgroups.

Prometheus is also compatible with the Catweasel MK4 floppy controller.

Prometheus is OpenPCI compatible.

  Works with any Zorro III equipped Amiga, regardless of the turbo/processor card installed in the system
  Four 32-bit PCI slots clocked with 33 MHz
  Fits any tower case, also works with desktop A3000/4000s when open
  Works with other Zorro III cards, supports AutoConfig (TM)
  Real transfer rates between Amiga and PCI cards - up to 12 MB/s
  Real transfer rates between PCI cards - up to 120 MB/s
  Additional on-board connector for the power supply
  Professionally designed four-layer printed circuit board with gold-galvanized contacts - complies the PCI standard specifications.

Package Contents
  Prometheus PCI bridge card
  Metal bracket holder to mount PCI cards
  Metal bracket holder to mount Prometheus to Zorro III slot
  Power Supply and SVGA extension cord for graphics card
  Software/Driver CD
  Screws & printed documentation