SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6 Rev: 2020c

SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6 Rev: 2020c


Date Added: Monday 26 August, 2019

by Michael Taylor

I bought this for my A4000's CyberstormPPC/zer060'd SCSI to replace my V5.0. I wanted faster speeds than V5 could give. Don't use's too slow if you're seeking faster speeds. SFS/00 or PFS3-All-In-One are best. At first I didn't realize Utility6 was made for this, I attempted to get Utility5 to work with it. I thought there might be something broken. is where you want to go. In one of the update processes the unit failed to well as read. In the Online instructions they comment about putting a shunt over the reset pins to reset it. They don't include the pins, at least not on mine. A very small paperclip does the job on the button, towards the Amiga-Kit SD Card holder. Be very careful not to scratch anything after bending the clip. Insert, power on, then disconnect. Remove clip, reconnect and it should be back to functional...mine was and I haven't a problem since.

Use ASync 5 for's pretty fast. The File System matters! Make sure you have the SC Card in otherwise info won't be saved, of course. This does function well with OS 3.1 to and newer. I'm really enjoy seeing speeds of an IDE CompactFlash or faster finally. It's a bit pricey but...I'm enjoying 32GB of storage also. Do NOT use the Floppy connector, it powers well from SCSI.

The delivery from Amiga-Kit was slow, but probably because they didn't have any in storage. Or it was a holiday...? Anyway, I'm loving the device with PFS3. Here's a note for fun, Beneath a Steel Sky-WHDLoad CD32 with voices loads and caches (PRELOAD) in about 1 minute 40 seconds. That's fast!!

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