52x32x52x IDE CDRW

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Write tunes to CD fast. Easily backup your Amiga's files from your hard disk drive.

This internal CD ReWriter is the perfect addition to your Amiga tower or desktop. It is both fast and operates reliably with the Amiga.

It features LiteOn's unique SMARTBURN technology to ensure successful burning of CD's- even if your Amiga is under powered.

The drive will work with a modern Amiga. To get the most speed out of it, a high performance IDE interface such as the FastATA or IDEFIX Express is recommended.

The drive is shorter in length than usual CD drives so it will fit into an Amiga A4000 desktop.

Supplied with a demo of MakeCD CD burning software.

Don't Forget:
Round IDE Cable (Yellow/90cm)
External Audio Port for CD