A1200 Case (suitable for Commodore Amiga 1200)

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Brand new A1200 Case manufactured for A-EON Technology. It is moulded with plastic that is UV resistant to prevent yellowing over time. These new cases are are modern replicas of original 1992-1996 design with a few contemporary improvements. A-EON is pleased to be able to help fund this project in 2018 for the community despite the product being discontinued/unavailable for over 22 years since Commodore and Escom ceased trading.
This new plastic moulded case will fit third party products such as:
  old Commodore Amiga 1200 motherboards from 1992-1994
  old Escom Amiga 1200 motherboards from 1995-1996
  Keyrah V2b
  Raspberry PI
Available in a choice of three plastic colours: white, black and clear (translucent). Please select colour option below.
Includes top and bottom half, case screws, rubber feet (x4), CPU slot (with vents) and rear plastic trapdoor. It does not include metal shielding or A1200 case badges which we offer these separately by clicking below:
A1200 badgeA1200 badgeA1200 badge
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A1200 is a trademark of AmigaKit Ltd used under licence by A-EON Technology Ltd