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Need a mouse for your Classic Amiga? Get this great value bundle featuring:

Cocolino PS/2 mouse adapter
Optical Wireless Mouse with three-buttons and Scroll Wheel

The mouse is compact and stylish. It needs no maintenance as it is optical and therefore has no mouse ball.

Cocolino adapter and this mouse works with all Amiga games and applications - no mouse driver is required.

The scroll wheel functionality can be used with many Amiga programs such as Internet Browsers and Wordprocessors. Software is provided with Cocolino for this feature.

Mouse supplied with a wireless receiver/base station that plugs into the Cocolino. It also double-up as a charging unit for the wireless mouse! Package is supplied with 2x rechargable NIMH AA batteries and a UK mains adapter.

Compatible with all Classic Amiga's: A500(+),A600,A1200,A2000,A3000,A4000(T)