Broken Sword (OS 4)

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Enjoy Broken Sword on your AmigaOne with this package put together for specifically for OS4 users.

Broken Sword is a point and click adventure game created by Revolution Software which places a young American on holiday in Paris into a mysterious adventure, where the fate of man could be decided. The game is full of cryptic puzzles and it is down to you to solve the problems using information gathered along the way.

The original sealed game CD comes with an Amiga-specific Installer CDROM. This allows quick and easy installation of the game and data files.

Amiga Installer CD
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Game in window mode
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Broken Sword with Amiga Install CD
game genre
SCUMMVM point & click adventure
package contents
Original game (2x PC CDs) and Amiga Install CD
install CD version
1.11 (05.09.05)
OS4, 835MB HDD space
new and guaranteed

Game cut scenes are not included, but are available to download from the SCUMMVM website. Broken Sword is © 1996 Revolution Software. SCUMMVM and the Amiga Installer CD are not in any way affiliated with Revolution Software.