Kickflash OS4 (Zorro)

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Kickflash OS4 is a Zorro card and can be used in any Amiga system with Zorro-II or Zorro-III slots. The basic version comes with 1 MB of Flash memory (the Flash memory can be upgraded up to 1 GB).

Data transfer rates are comparable to the transfer rates of common hard disk drives. The access times of Flash memory are, opposite to those of mechanical devices, practically zero: with random access the so-called Solid State Memory is about 10,000 times faster than a hard disk drive.

Kickflash reduces the boot time of classic Amigas dramatically, because it gets rid of all the reboots that today's Amigas have to do. ROM updates, every resident-capable program, Blitzkick modules and tools like PrepareEmul can be stored in the 1 MB flash memory. They are executed without reboots on a cold start of the Amiga