Amiga Future Issue 118 (English)

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Amiga Racer, Wings Remastered, Playfield, A.L.I.C.E.

Deathbringer, Ricky, Jump Block Jump, OS4 Depot Games, AmiCloud, Amiga Forever 2016, A1K Turboboard "Matze".

Amiga30th Retrospective, Demoscene.

Developing Demo Effects #7: A New Hope

Showreport Alchimie, Showreport Amiga Meeting Bad Bramstedt, Showreport 10. botfixer@home, Interview Arktis (Wolf Software & Design), Interview Krzysztof "deadwood" Smiechowicz, Editorial, Content, News, Imprint, Content CoverCD, Letter to the Editor.

CoverCD contents:

amigaracer, appbuilder, bse, cabextract_OS4, chocolate-doom, drawerexplorer, EvenMore_OS4, flare, hgui, info_dt, installer, jill, magiceyes, modicon, preferences, rebootnow, recordbox, songwrangler, thunderlauncher, usbsound, vba, vice, WormWars-OS4,

webptools044_aros, whois.i386-aros,

AmiDuke_AGA, AmiKick, AmiSpear_AGA, AmiWolf_AGA, AmiWolf_ECS, BackUp, Bad_Santa_1.3, BenchTrash, Blaze, bootanimplayer_1.0, cabextract, Calimero_1.0, clit-1.8, CXHandlerSP, DiskSalv, dtview2, einfo-1.0, Epub-Reader_1.0, EvenMore, EvenMorePlugins, EvenMore_DE, exfatfs, Exult_AGA, Exutil_68k, E_vaz_ive, FileX-68K, FilexSP, Flog, get_dwgpreview_1.0, GorkyDat, GPS2URL, GuideMaker, icon2png, IconLib_46.4, IdentifyUsrSP, KoalaView, KoalaViewSP, Lightnix, LyapModules, MakeHTMLMap, MUIbase-3.2, NetSurf-m68k, Permu, Permutax, pfssalv2, pubcrawl, Pyramid, qsimplesheet, Quad_Q, Ricky2.5, Ricky2.6, sntp, StarAm_Plan881, S_Tiles, TiltOtix, Toptile, Trixim, Tri_Q, TunnelsAndTrolls, TurboPrint_DE, twittAmiga, UltimateGloomISO, webptools044_a68k, whois, WormWars, WWorth_fincats, XoXo, xxd, ZombieMassacreISO,

cabextract_MOS, EvenMore_MOS, gnuplot-MOS, jhead-mos, potrace-mos, WormWarsMOS,

BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 69 and 70