Amiga Future Issue 116 (English)

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Amiga Future Issue 116


The Secret of Middle City, Puzcat, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Sqrxz 3, OS4 Depot, MultiViewer, Boomerang B432, Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2, MiST.

30 Years Amiga Poster, Classic Reflections Part 22b Phase 5 Digital Products Part 2, Demoscene.

Programming AmigaOS 4 Part 14, Developing Demo Effects #5: Filled Vectors and Trackloaders, SmartHome #1.

Preview 30 Years Event Germany, Showreport Amiga 30 Years Amsterdam, Showreport Recursion 2015, Interview Petro T. Tyschtschenko, Interview Gianluca (Middle City), Editorial, Content, News, Imprint, Content CoverCD, Letters to the Editor.

CoverCD contents:

Pacific Islands

Public Domain

Africa-OS4, chocolate-doom, EvenMore_OS4, Help_My_Cat-AOS4, LoViewOS4, MCE-OS4, ReportPlus-OS4, Saga-OS4, stockfish-5-amigaos4, WormWars-OS4,

diskimage.i386-aros.tar, fpcmines.i386-aros, Help_My_Cat-AROS, LoViewAROS, tileworld.i386-aros, webptools_aros,

2048, A2Zee, Abstracon, Africa, agassm-licence, April_SP, Balaby, base64enc, Calimero_beta_0.16, cAMIra, cdxl_player, comedesert-data, Crabum_SP, CTLG2CT, diskimage.m68k-aos.tar, diskimage_device, DOpus4-AddDir10, DOpus4-AddInfoDummy10, DOpus4-Base6410, DOpus4-Intersect14, DOpus4-SeqRename10, DOpus4-Subtract10, DOpus4-Version12, DOpus4Catalogs, EvenMore, EvenMorePlugins, ExtraLib, Ezekiel, F12015Carset, fblit_source, five-towers, fnv32, fracplanet, GloomMapInfo, Help_My_Cat-AOS3, HollyPaint, HollywoodSP, HWP_AHX, HWP_AIFF, HWP_APNG, HWP_AVCodec, HWP_DigiBooster, HWP_FLICAnim, HWP_GLGalore, HWP_JPEG2000, HWP_MovieSetter, HWP_MUIRoyale, HWP_OggTheora, HWP_OggVorbis, HWP_PCX, HWP_SQLite3, HWP_SVGImage, HWP_TIFF, HWP_VectorGfx, HWP_XMLParser, HWP_YAFA, IconLib_46.4, InstallerGen, Knight, Loadertune, LoViewOS3, LoViewWOS, LWCyberGFX12, lwsdk, LyapModules, MCE, MemOptimizer, minishowpict_sp, Moonbases_RUS, MUIRoyaleSP, PatchCompositeTags, qtip16, RayStorm_FreeKey, ReggaeList, ReportPlus, RipROM, Romanian, Saga, ScummVM_AGA_030, ScummVM_AGA_040, ScummVM_AGA_060, ScummVM_RTG, sdl2, ShowFiles-sf, SQLMan, SQLManSP, StormMesa_Libs68K, StormMesa_LibsPPC, ToolsMenu, Tri_Add, TunnelsAndTrolls, TurboPrint_DE, tz, tzdata, tzdev, UkooBar, WBTicTacToe, Wilinx, WormWars, Xenopew, XenopewHDD, X_Next, Zarro,

AfricaMOS, EvenMore_MOS, Help_My_Cat-MorphOS, jhead-mos, LoViewMOS, MCE-MOS, potrace-mos, ReportPlusMOS, SagaMOS, WormWarsMOS,

BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 64, 65 and 66,