Amiga Developer CD 1.2

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Amiga Developer CD 1.2 contains all the material you need to start developing software for Amiga computers. This includes:

The CD³² developer package. In addition to the original five disk set distribution you will find the "BuildCD" CD writer package

The CDTV developer package as originally distributed by Commodore Amiga to CDTV developers.

The Developer Conference disk sets covering all events from 1988 to 1993 in Washington, San Francisco, Atlanta, Milan and Orlando.

Information in support of forthcoming operating system developments

Snapshot of the current file area on Amiga International's Web server as of 1998-03-01. Lots of useful system software, patches, development guidelines and contributions by other developers.

Packages contributed by 3rd parties
The WBPath and ActionFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel.
The Envoy v2.0 developer kit, courtesy of IAM, Inc.
The INet 225 developer kit, version 2, courtesy of Interworks, Inc.
The Enforcer v37.72, courtesy of Mike Sinz.
MakeCD v3.1b, courtesy of Angela Schmidt.
The PowerUp software and developer package by phase 5 digital products, a leading manufacturer of PowerPC accelerator boards.
The WarpUp software package, an alternative PowerPC operating system kernel from Haage & Partner GmbH

Additional developer material
BOOPSI gadget and image classes
The AmigaOS 2.04 example code, as part of the original 2.04 Native Developer Kit
The RKM 2.04 code examples
The complete set of registered IFF forms
IFF example and stress test files
All IFF packages released by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., covering 1986 through 1992
The camd v37.1 MIDI developer kit
The SANA-II standard package and developer kit
The Installer v43.1 package

International support material
Sample text using the full ISO-8859-1 character set
Translation guidelines

The updated 3.1 Native Developer Kit
C and assembly language header files, linker and runtime libraries
System documentation and tutorial texts
Example code covering the AmigaOS 3.0 and 3.1 features
The NewIFF v39 package
The AmigaGuide and DataTypes documentation and example code
The original 3.1 Native Developer Kit
The original 2.0 Native Developer Kit
The original 1.3 Native Developer Kit

Reference material
The collection of AmigaGuide Volume 1 articles, covering Spring 1987 through January/February 1989
The complete AmigaGuide Volume 2 articles in AmigaGuide format, covering January/February 1990 through March/April 1993; also included are the printable issues in PostScript and PageStream format
Hardware related articles
The Includes & Autodocs in AmigaGuide format.
The Amiga ROM Kernel Reference manuals, 3rd edition, in AmigaGuide format.

Please note that you will still need a C compiler or assembler, etc. to develop software for Amiga computers, none of which is included on this CD. Download Free GCC C Compiler for Amiga

Amiga Developer CD
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