A1200 8MB Fast RAM Memory Expansion (FPU Upgradable)


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A1200 8MB Fast RAM Memory Expansion (FPU Upgradable)
This high quality, low cost memory expansion increases your Commodore-Amiga 1200 computer's memory. Extra memory is essential for many games which require more Fast RAM to work. This expansion is ideal for use with WHDLOAD.
Memory expansion is installed by slotting it into the trapdoor expansion compartment underneath the computer.
Additionally this expansion more than doubles the speed of your system to 2.91 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS). Optionally, it will accept up to 40Mhz math coprocessor to be installed for speeding up FPU operations (see option below).
Memory expansion features Real Time Clock header to install an optional Real Time Clock module: available installed at special price below or available separately here.
The optional Real Time Clock module's on-board battery ensures that the Commodore-Amiga 1200 retains the correct system date and time even when the computer is powered down.
We also produce an compatible Real Time Clock and Sensors Module (click here for more information).
A1200 Real Time Clock
We also stock a special version of this memory expansion with additional 4MB software writeable Flash ROM (click here for more information).
8MB 32-bit Fast RAM to boost total system memory to 10MB
Memory auto configures with no drivers required
Second clockport header to give computer more expandability
Floating Point Unit socket accepting optional 68882 PLCC FPU up to 40Mhz
Memory can be configured to 4MB, 5.5MB or 8MB Fast RAM using on-board jumpers.
PCMCIA compatible in 4MB or 5.5MB mode**
Header for optional Real Time Clock module: available installed at special price below or available separately here.
New version 1.5 (July 2020): more compact design.
** 5.5MB PCMCIA compatiblity mode requires downloadable software patch added to startup-sequence.
The official Wiki page for the memory expansion is available (click here).  
Before being sent every A1200 8MB card is flashed with the latest firmware and quality soak tested by Amiga Kit Technicial Services.
A1200 is a registered trade mark of AmigaKit Ltd in the United Kingdom and/or other countries. Real Time Clock module and FPU/Crystal are optional extras and shown in pictures for demonstration purposes only.
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Upon ordering this product is carefully assembled and tested by our in-house Technician to our high quality standards. Some products may need configuring or flashing with the latest firmware. Click here to learn more..