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MAS Player Evolution (MP3 Decoder)

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MAS Player Evolution is a MP3 music decoder for Classic Amiga computers.

MP3 decoder enables your Amiga to play MP3 music files on your hard disk without using your Amiga's CPU to decode the MP3 files. This is very useful for Classic Amigas that do not normally have the computational (CPU) power to play MP3 music.

Occupies the joystick and parallel ports - joystick port pass-through is provided so you can still use the joystick when MAS Player Evolution is connected to the Amiga.

Audio Mixer Built-In
MAS Player Evolution features stereo Left/Right RCA jacks to connect to the Amiga's audio ports and route the Amiga's native sound through to the MAS Player. Audio is then mixed in hardware between the Amiga's and MP3 sound and outputted to speakers through a standard 3.5mm stereo sound jack. Note: if you connect your Amiga to a TV with a scart cable, the RCA phono cables can be converted to 3.5mm stereo sound jack with Stereo 3.5mm Jack to Dual RCA Phono Socket Adapter.

This hardware is compatible with the existing original MAS Player software. System requirements match the MAS Player software.

MAS Player will work with a standard 68000* Amiga as long as you have enough memory to load the buffer of the MP3 file you are playing. An Amiga with a 68020 or better CPU with at least 2MB of Fast Memory is recommended. Use of 192Kbps (or less) MP3 music files are recommended.

*Please note that due to the case design of the A600, the MAS Player Evolution Joystick pass-through connector will NOT fit into Mouse / Joystick ports.
For A600 users, you can use a Joyport Adapter to extend the port away from the case. This will allow you to use the MAS Player on an A600.

MAS Player rear ports
Joystick pass-through and audio port

Third Party Software Support
  MAS Player Software
  MHI Driver for use with AmigaAmp

New and guaranteed: Item assembled to order

Don't Forget:
  Stereo 3.5mm Jack to Dual RCA Phono Socket Adapter