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PiStorm for Commodore Amiga

What is a PiStorm?
PiStorm accelerates Amiga computers using the low cost Raspberry Pi. The supported models are: PiStorm32-Lite for the Amiga 1200, Pistorm Rev B for the Amiga 500 and 2000, Pistorm 600 for the Amiga 600.

How does it work?
PiStorm bypasses the original 68000 CPU in the Commodore-Amiga 500, 500 Plus, 600 and 2000 computer. In the Amiga 1200 computer it also bypasses the 68020 CPU. Instead it uses the Raspberry Pi to emulate the original 68K CPU at an astonishingly quicker rate than the original processor could achieve. The Pi's raw processing power is not the only thing that can be leveraged: the graphics, memory, network interfaces and storage can also be used by the Amiga which makes the PiStorm even more versatile product for a great price.

Originally created by Claude Schwarz, many contributors have enhanced this Amiga community project.