Micromys V3 PS/2 Mouse Adapter

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Micromys V3 is an adapter to use a standard PS/2 mouse on your Amiga or Commodore C64

  Amiga: plugs into standard 9-pin mouse port and is compatible with A500, A500+, A600*, A1000, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000, A4000T
  Amiga: 3-button mouse without the need for drivers
  Amiga: 3-button wheel mouse with Freewheel utility
  C64: 1351 proportional mouse emulation with wheel-extension
  C64: Joystick emulation
  Great compatibility with PS/2 mice that support PS/2 protocol
  Atari ST: 2-button mouse support

For the Commodore C64:
 1350 mouse emulation / joystick emulation! (hold right button while booting, just like a real 1351)
 Compatible with GEOS, Pagefox, GoDot and Mr.Mouse
 Compatible with MSSIAH and Phophet64
 Compliant with applications that use the Commodore 1351 mouse

Micromys is also compatible with the Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switch

* Micromys requires joystick extension cable or Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switch to fit to A600 mouse port.
Micromys PS/2 Mouse Adapter
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DB9 to PS/2 Adapter
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