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M.A.C.E. (Retail CD Version)

MACE is a classic space shoot 'em up, inspired by the legendary Amiga games of this genre. Hand drawn 2D graphics in HD resolutions, parallax scrolling, explosion effects and optimized games mechanics, combined with the proven gameplay are transporting the "Spirit of Amiga" in today's Age.

In M.A.C.E, the player navigates a spaceship across three different worlds with 6 vertical scrolling levels and various enemies, trying to destroy or avoid them. Hidden items (weapons, bombs, energy), upgradeable weapons and accessories, such as rocket and companions help to defeat the enemy in difficult battles.

Definition M.A.C.E.:
Military Alliance of Common Earth Founded after the first alien invasion on earth in the year 2054. M.A.C.E. is the epitome of the new cohesion of all peoples of the earth to fight against the aliens to serve life on earth in a military path.

Game story:
While heavy fights rages on earth against incoming alien ships and the M.A.C.E. units are to prevent the construction of additional land bases for the alien ships, a group of specially trained fight pilots with space warships try to prevent the arrival of more aliens and distroy the alien mother ships and troops of aliens.

Your mission:
Fight in an exceptional space mission by foreign galaxies to prevent the arrival of more alien swarms on the earth. Your spaceship is one of the first one which is built by people using alien technologies including engines, weapons and shields to survive against the aliens.

Try the free game demo here before you buy

MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay
MACE Amiga Gameplay

System requirements
Amiga OS 4.1 computer (such as A4000 with CyberstormPPC, AmigaOne SE/XE, SAM 440/460 or AmigaOne X1000, CD drive, compositing capable graphics card (Radeon / Radeon HD), 400 MB free disk space