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Keyrah V2 USB (white)

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Keyrah V2b is the successor to the Keyrah classic keyboard adapter. As the successor to the popular Keyrah, this new version lets you use classic keyboards and classic digital joysticks on modern-day computers. The following models are supported out of the box:
C64 (all models)
Commodore-Amiga 1200
Commodore-Amiga 600
Keyrah V2 USB
With some soldering, the following models can also be used:
C128D (DB25 connector must be added)
C128 (Raster-2.77mm pin header must be added)
C116, plus/4 (part of the base PCB must be turned into an adapter)

Keyrah Keyrah Keyrah Keyrah
There is only one version of Keyrah V2, and that a "one size fits all" model: By setting the right jumper, you can configure it to use 8-bit keyboards with German layout, 8-bit keyboards with US layout or Amiga keyboards, which don't require a special localization setting.
The previous version of Keyrah was equipped with a switch that lets you choose between two different keyboard layouts: One for everyday use, and the other for special emulator support. Version 2 of Keyrah also implements this switch, but with a third position, which is a "momentary" setting (switch will click back into middle position). If you press and hold this momentary setting for more than one second, the ACPI power signal is sent to the computer. This switch looks almost like the original C64 power switch, so your modding project will come even closer to the original machine!
Keyrah V2 is delivered in retail packing with a short manual (single page). An optional USB A to B cable can be added as a product option below.