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Indivision ECS Scandoubler / Flicker Fixer (Internal)

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Use a VGA Monitor with your Amiga including LCD Screens!NEW! V1.01 FIRMWARE

Indivision ECS is a new scandoubler / flicker fixer for OCS and ECS Amiga computers such as: A500, A500+, A1500, A2000*, A3000* (T) and CDTV. It will also install on the Amiga 600 if you also have the new A604 memory expansion or older A603 with internal floppy removed. For installation in the A1000 only, an Amiga 1000 Socket Adapter is also required.

It is the most advanced flicker fixer ever produced for OCS/ECS Amiga computers - allowing VGA monitors (flat screens and CRTs) to correctly display games and applications.

Dual Monitor Support is the exciting new feature of Indivision ECS. Now two Indivision ECS units can be stacked upon each other, in order to simultaneously display on two monitors. Each Indivision ECS unit has its own bitmap memory which allows the possibility of displaying two different screens at the same time.

Internal fitting plugs into Denise chip socket (Denise chip not included)
8-bit, 15 bit, 16 bit chunky pixel modes (15 bit & 16 bits are converted) to 12 bits
Resolution from 320x200 to 1024x768
Video memory can be directly described by DMA chipset (up to 7.15 MB/s)
All OCS/ECS screenmodes displayed and scan-converted, output is always over 60Hz and flicker-free
Fallback to legacy flickerfixer-type 49.9Hz modes at the user's choice
Dual monitor support when two Indivision ECS are connected together in one Amiga!
Optional scanline emulation for retro-feeling
Video Toaster compatible
Re-configurable / re-flashable design, new screenmodes can be added with a software upgrade
No fiddling with adjustments, just plug in and use
Low power consumption, no heat problems (3.3V design, 1.5V core voltage)
Highgfx support ( larger screenmodes ). Example screen-grabs: Highgfx 1

The Indivision ECS can also be supplied with an optional metal PCI/Zorro backplate. If you require this, please select the option below.

15-pin VGA connectorIndivision ECSIndivision ECS
Supplied with 15-pin VGA cableIndivision ECSIndivision ECS
Indivision ECSIndivision ECSIndivision ECS
Supplied with 15-pin VGA cable (12-inches length)Indivision ECSIndivision ECS

*Note: A3000 Desktops will require a low profile battery or remove the barrel battery to accomodate Indivision ECS. A2000 Rev.4 users only must solder on the board to move an electrolytic cap to a different position. All other A2000 Revisions do not require modification.

Images (C) 2009 Individual Computers GmBH

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