Indivision AGA 1200 Scandoubler/Flicker Fixer (Internal)

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Use a VGA Monitor with your Amiga 1200 including LCD Screens!V1.5 FIRMWARE

Indivision AGA 1200 MK I is a scandoubler and flicker fixer (de-interlacer). This original version is for internal installation in the Amiga 1200 (Amiga 4000/CD32 version available as separate product). It is the most advanced flicker fixer ever produced for the A1200 - allowing VGA monitors (flat screens and CRTs) to correctly display games and applications.

A1200 internal, plugs over Lisa, no other chip-connections (other internal flickerfixers used an additional Alice-adapter)
Full 24 bit colour depth for all screenmodes and output frequencies
All OCS/ECS/AGA screenmodes displayed and scan-converted, output is always over 60Hz and flicker-free
Fallback to legacy flickerfixer-type 49.9Hz modes at the user's choice
Optional scanline emulation for retro-feeling
Re-configurable / re-flashable design, new screenmodes can be added with a software upgrade
Genlock compatible (Toaster/Flyer)
No fiddling with adjustments, just plug in and use
Low power consumption, no heat problems (3.3V design, 2.5V core voltage)
Highgfx support (screenmodes up to 1024x768). Example screen-grabs: Highgfx 1 Highgfx 2
Monitor power saving support

15-pin VGA connector
Supplied with 15-pin VGA cable

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