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Image FX 4.5 Studio (OS3/CD)


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ImageFX 4.5 Studio
ImageFX 4.5 Studio is an all-in-one release of ImageFX 4.5, PowerStation and numerous other upgrades to make a the Amiga's most comprehensive image editing and special effects package even more complete than ever.
At over 300MB of data, this package is supplied as a boxed CD.

● Works with Classic systems: OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.9
● Works with WinUAE and distributions such as AmigaSYS
● Supports AGA, RTG
● Full 24-bit Colour Painting: traditional painting tools are available using full colour range.
● Hundreds of image processing tools for enhancing, filtering, restoring images
● Load GIF anims, ANIMS, AnimBrushes, frame sequences in many formats
● Keyframe the animation to follow any path over your entire animation
● Apply one of four types of motion blurring
● Preview the animation in wireframe in real-time
● Multiple Undo Levels: limited only by your system's available memory.
● Virtual Memory: use hard disk to work on any resolution images.
● Hundreds of Arexx commands allow for sophisticated control scripts. Dozens of sample stand alone scripts included.


Required Hardware
● Amiga 500, 500+, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4000T
● 2MB Memory
● Kickstart 2.1 or later
● Hard disk drive with 20MB or more free space
● CD drive
Recommended / Optional Hardware
● AGA capable Amiga computer: 1200 or 4000
● Amiga 500 Plus users: 2MB Graphics (Chip) Memory Upgrade
● Amiga 600 users: 2MB Graphics (Chip) Memory Upgrade
● Amiga 1200 users: 8MB Fast Memory Expansion with FPU
● RTG graphics card
● 68020 CPU or better

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