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RGB to HDMI adapter Amiga 500 RGB2HDMI


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Available Options

Micro SD card:


Pi Relocator Adapter:

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W:

The Amiga RGB to HDMI adapter connects a HDMI TV or monitor to an Amiga 500 or 500 Plus. Amiga native graphics can be displayed through HDMI. A low cost way of playing games and using the Amiga with a modern HDMI television or monitor.
To function it requires a Raspberry Pi Zero to be connected to the adapter board and microSD card. These are available as optional extras.
This adapter is plugged into the Denise socket on the Amiga 500 motherboard and in turn the Denise chip is piggybacked into the 48-pin socket on the adapter board. We offer an optional RGB2HDMI Right Angled Relocator which positions the Raspberry Pi Zero to the right of the Denise chip. This is useful to use when other expansions occupy the same space around the Denise chip.
We also offer optional push switch cable used for menu access functions.
Choose and select product packaging options: either standard shipping box or optional printed retail box (see product pictures).

  Native Amiga RGB screenmodes displayed through HDMI
  Pixel perfect image through digital HDMI
  Display menu options: Add/remove scanlines, image softening etc.
  Low latency: a few milliseconds at most
  Support for both Denise 8362 and Super Denise 8373 chips (jumper underside to configure)
Compatible with A500 and A500 Plus RAM expansions. Not compatible with Pistorm Rev B.
This is the open source RGB2HDMI Revision 2 project by c0pperdragon / hoglet67.
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Upon ordering this product is carefully assembled and tested by our in-house Technician to our high quality standards. Some products may need configuring or flashing with the latest firmware. Click here to learn more..