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Enhancer Software Standard Edition (OS4)

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Enhancer Software CD Icon The Enhancer Software Plus Edition Version 1.5 is a distribution of utilities, drivers, commodities, classes, applications and tools to enhance and complement your AmigaOne productivity.

As well as a lot of new content, there have been updates to existing titles such as AmiDVD, Clock, X-Dock, PartitionWizard, TuneNet and MultiViewer.

Warp3D Nova, the new Shader based 3D API is updated and included on the CD with more free downloadable updates to follow for all Enhancer Software users. The much awaited Open GL ES 2.0 library makes it's debut on the AmigaOS platform.

A new advanced Sound Datatype with multi channel and steaming support is included along with MOD, MPEGA and WAV datatypes.

A themeable Clock (v53.7) and Calendar is also added to the package with many included "skins".

The software project has been developed over many months of hard work by the AmigaDeveloper.com Team. A percentage of revenue from every copy sold of the Enhancer Software is being used to invest in further development from the AmigaDeveloper.com Team.

Featured Software


· AmiDVD
· CANDI Special Edition
· Calendar
· Clock
· InfoWindow
· MultiEdit (a new multi-tabbed text editor)
· MultiViewer 2
· PartitionWizard
· TuneNet
· X-Dock (a new docking toolbar system)

Classes and Gadgets:

· Clock Gadget Class
· DateSheet Gadget Class
· InfoWindow Class
· OptionButton Gadget Class
· PieChart Gadget Class
· ProgressBar Gadget Class
· Select Gadget Class
· Shared Image Class
· Sliderbar Gadget Class
· Tick Box Gadget Class
· Time Gadget Class

C Commands:

· Request Chooser


· ClipViewer
· Exchanger


· MOD Datatype
· MPEGA Datatype
· SimpleHTML Datatype
· Sound Datatype
· WAV Datatype


· RadeonHD v1.20
· SmartFileSystem


· Diskcache Library
· Warp3DN Library
· Warp3DN_SI Library


· CANDIPrefs
· Notifications
· Sound Prefs
· Time Prefs


· Format
· Ringhio Notifications


· ClipViewer
· InfoWindow Class
· OptionButton Gadget Class
· PieChart Gadget Class
· Progressbar Gadget Class
· Shared Image Class
· Warp3DNova

Minimum System Requirements

· OS 4.1 Update 6
· 512MB RAM
· RadeonHD compatible card
· CD drive

Recommended System Requirements

· OS 4.1 Final Edition
· RadeonHD Southern Islands graphics card

Note: in order to use Warp3D Nova, a RadeonHD card with Southern Islands chipset is required.

Enhancer Software drawers and icons
Enhancer Software ClipViewer
Enhancer Software Exchanger
Enhancer Software Format Command
Enhancer Software TuneNet
Enhancer Software Ringhio Notifications