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Add your Amiga to a wireless home network.

Now your Amiga can exchange information with other wirelessly enabled computers such as laptops, PC desktops and Airport-enabled Apple Macs.

One of the best features is if you have a wireless broadband router then you can connect your Amiga to the internet wirelessly. No longer does the Amiga have to be in the same room as the telephone line and broadband modem!

EasyNet Software
This PCMCIA wireless network card is 802.11b compliant and compatible with the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600. The wireless driver supports 128bit wireless encryption for security (WEP/WPA-TKIP).

The network driver disk is included in this package. There is a choice between the standard EasyNet networking software or upgrade to EasyNet Pro Edition (select options below)

Note: You will require atleast Kickstart 3.x

Package Contents

Network driver floppy disk compatible with AmigaOS 2.x, AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.1. Disk also contains Wireless-Settings utility and patches to prevent the A1200's PCMCIA reset bug.
EasyNet CD which contains the latest distribution of EasyNet, AmiTCP 3, AWeb APL web browser, Amiga Samba.
Optional EasyNet Pro CD which contains the latest distribution of EasyNet Pro, AmiTCP 4, AWEB APL Web Browser, Amiga Samba.
11-page printed document containing tutorials/screen-shots on how to install the driver with Miami Deluxe, Genesis & EasyNet.

EasyNet Software
Amiga PCMCIA Wireless Card EasyNet Wireless Settings EasyNet from AmigaKit.com
EasyNet Software
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Wireless Card & Network Driver Disk
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EasyNet Wireless Settings
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EasyNet GUI
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