Commodore: A Company On The Edge

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Commodore: a Company on the Edge tells the story of the pioneering Commodore computers through first-hand accounts by former engineers and managers in this new 548-page hard back cover book.

Filled with first-hand accounts of ambition, greed, and inspired engineering, this history of the personal computer revolution takes readers inside the cutthroat world of Commodore. Before Apple, IBM, or Dell, Commodore was the first computer maker to market its machines to the public, eventually selling an estimated 22 million Commodore 64s. These halcyon days were tumultuous, however, owing to the expectations and unsparing tactics of founder Jack Tramiel. Engineers and managers share their experiences between 1976 and 1984 of the groundbreaking moments, soaring highs, and stunning employee turnover that came with being on top of the world in the early Computer Business.

Differences from "On the Edge"

This book is a major reworking of the popular book titled, On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore. Now includes 15 additional interviews, dozens of period photographs, an accurate chronological presentation and more amazing first-hand stories than ever before.

First hand interviews with:
Brian Dougherty - GEOS developer
John Feagans - PET developer
Andy Finkel - Commodore game developer
Bill Gardei - C65 systems engineer
Neil Harris - Commodore game developer and marketing
Manfred Kapp - Commodore cofounder
Dale Luck - Amiga developer
Bill Mensch - 6502 and 65816 designer
Dick Sanford - Chief Financial Officer of Commodore
Bill Seiler - PET, VIC-20 systems engineer/surfer
Kit Spencer - Commodore's marketing guru
Yash Terakura - Commodore Japan engineer
Michael Tomczyk - VIC product manager and marketing

548 pages
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
6" by 9"
2 pounds (907 grams)
Author: Brian Bagnall
ISBN 9780973864960
Available November 26, 2010