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If you want to use PS/2 mice, which are commonly used on PC's on your Amiga then this adapter is required.
Cocolino works with classic Amigas* such as the Commodore-Amiga 1200, 4000, 2000 or 500. It is very easy to install: simply plug into the mouse port and the PS2 mouse then plugs into the converter.
Cocolino adapter works with all Amiga games and applications - no mouse driver is required.
Cocolino also features:
scroll wheel support
3rd, 4th and 5th button support
Software is included to make use of the mouse wheel and additional buttons in Workbench. The mouse wheel function works in most applications and is especially useful when browsing webpages and reviewing documents in a word processor.
The Cocolino adapter includes a floppy disk with the following software for configuring the scroll wheel support:
The input events generated by Cocolino.driver are compliant with the format used by the NewMouse program (by Alessandro Zummo) and also with AmigaOS 4 IDCMP format (from cocolino.driver ver.1.2). This ensures full compatibility with all the existing Amiga software supporting the scroll wheel.
Only one of these adapters need to be purchased for your Amiga and then you can use a range of PS/2 mice in the future. Cocolino is fully compatible with the PS/2 version of Optical Scroll Mouse range of mice we sell.

Cocolino's Amiga connector
(click to expand)
Cocolino's PC Mouse connector
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Cocolino plugged into Amiga
Cocolino is easily installed by plugging it into the first port labelled "1.Mouse"
Cocolino Amiga to PS/2 Mouse Adapter
6-pin Female PS/2, 9-pin Female D-Sub
A500(+) / A1200 / A1500 / A2000
A3000 / A4000(T) / Amiga CD32
46 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm (longest)
new and guaranteed

* Commodore-Amiga 600 and 1000 require an additional adapter to permit Cocolino to fit mouse port.
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