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Classic Boing Ball Mouse

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Classic Boing Ball Mouse

1000 DPI optical mouse with scroll wheel (third button), complete with red/silver checkered ball motif.

Features DB9 connection for use with Classic Amiga computers: A500, A500+, A600*, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000, A4000T.

This mouse will work as standard in all Classic Amiga games that have mouse support, including left and right mouse buttons. The scroll wheel and additional buttons will work in any Workbench application that has support for these extended functions.

Scroll wheel, tilt functions and mouse buttons can be configured in Classic Boing Ball Mouse Driver software available to download separately or we can supply with mouse on Amiga floppy disk ( see below).

This mouse is grey, however a black version is also available here.

* Optional adapter is required for A600 use available here.

Boing Ball Mouse Boing Ball Mouse

Classic Boing Ball Mouse Driver Floppy Disk
Mouse Utility Disk is software used to configure scroll wheel and buttons on the mouse. It contains files of Freewheel 2.2, MX1000.driver and MX1000Test. It can either be downloaded for free or we can supply it on a floppy disk if you select it in the configuration options below.

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