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Catweasel MK2 Anniversary Edition

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The Catweasel MK2 Anniversary Edition has been re-released for Classic Amigas.

With this adapter, your Amiga can be connected to various floppy disk drives and access a multitude of 3.5 inch floppy disk formats such as:

PC High Density 1.44MB
PC Low Density 720K
Amiga Low Density 880K
Amiga High Density 1.76MB
Atari 800K
Atari 880K
Commodore 1581 800K
XTRA High Density 2.38MB
MS-DOS HD 20 sector 1.6MB
Macintosh DD 800K
Macintosh DD 400K

The Catweasel can also access a wide range of 5.25 inch floppy disk formats.

The Catweasel MK2 Anniversary Edition is vesatile in compatiblity. It can be installed onto one of the following connectors:
A1200 motherboard's clockport
A1200's IDE connector (need CABIDE009)
A4000's IDE connector
A600's clockport on A602 memory expansion
AmigaOne X1000 IDE port (add AmigaOne X1000 Add-On Pack below)
X-Surf clockports
Buddha Flash Phoenix Edition clockports

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