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Thank you for visiting our webstore. This guide will explain how to successfully complete an order.

Use the correct regional webstore
We ship packages worldwide to most countries. For some regions, we provide dedicated webstores. Please use the nearest webstore for your region by clicking one of the following links:

  USA customers should use www.amigakit.us
  Canadian customers should use canada.amigakit.com
  European customers should use www.amigakit.eu
  UK customers should use www.amigakit.co.uk
Searching and adding products to your Shopping Cart
Please browse the products in the webstore using the category links on the left hand side of the page and the search facility. When you have found the products that you wish to order, click the icon which will place the item in your Shopping Cart. To view the current contents of your Shopping Cart, click the cart link at the top right of this webpage.
When you have finished browsing the store and are ready to place the order, click the checkout link at the top right of this webpage.

At this point, returning customers will be prompted to login if not already done so. New customers will be asked to register- this is a one-time quick process. You will notice at this point that the webpages become securely encrypted (https://) for your added privacy and security.

There are four stages to complete the Checkout process: Delivery Information > Payment Information > Order Summary > Order Placed

At first you will then be taken to the Delivery Information page where you will be asked to confirm the actual shipping address for the order and you will be informed of the shipping cost. If you wish to edit or change the shipping address, then click the change address button. Once the address is correct, click continue button at bottom of the page.

Next you will be taken to the Payment Information page where you will have to select your preferred method of payment from a list of secure payment methods. Simply select the payment method for the order and click on continue button at the bottom of the page.

Before making the payment to us, the next page to be displayed is Order Summary. This page provides a full summary for you to do a final check of your order. If you are paying by Credit Card or Paypal then click the Make Card Payment Now button or click Confirm Order button for other payment methods.

Please Note: Once you have completed a Credit Card / Paypal payment, it is important you return back to the webstore following the links provided to confirm your order on our servers.

Finally, the Order Placed page will appear to confirm that your order has been received by us.

Any successfully completed order that we have received from you will be listed under the my account link at the top right of this webpage. You can then follow the order progress as we process your order through your account order history. If you have requested trackable shipping, you can track your package before it arrives safely with you.

If you have any further questions regarding placing an order with us, please contact us

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This product is Awesome!!! My IBM - Model M keyboard works l ..
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