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AmigaOne X1000 Nemo Motherboard

Availability: No delivery date or availability confirmed

AmigaOne X1000 Nemo Motherboard with AmigaOS 4.1 (download upgrade to 4.2 when available), includes backplate and manuals.

The AmigaOne X1000 computer system is based around the Nemo motherboard. This board has been custom designed and manufactured specifically as a next generation AmigaOS system.

At the heart of this new motherboard is the PA Semi Dual-core PA6T-1682M Central Processing Unit.

Nemo Specifications

  CPU: PA Semi Dual-core PA6T-1682M, 1.8GHz PowerISA® v2.04+
  4x DDR2 RAM slots
  10x USB 2.0
  1x Gigabit Ethernet
  2x PCIe x16 slots (1x16 or 2x8)
  2x PCIe x1 slots
  1x Xorro slot
  2x PCI legacy slots
  2x RS232
  4x SATA 2 connectors
  1x IDE connector
  JTAG connector
  1x Compact Flash
  1x "Xena" 500MHz XMOS XS1-L2 124

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Configure memory, hard disk options below if required. Includes AmigaOS 4.1 operating system with enhanced RadeonHD Graphics Card Driver