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AmigaOne Keyboard (English/US)

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AmigaOne Keyboard (English/USA layout).

Black colour with silver AmigaOne logo and left and right red/white checkered ball keys. Features Help key for use in AmigaOS applications and within Workbench. This keyboard design complements the new Boing Ball Mouse (available separately).

Available corded with options of either USB or PS/2 versions (select below). USB version can also be used with the SAM 440ep / Flex / 460ex or any Amiga with USB controller running Poseidon USB. PS/2 version can also be used with Classic Amigas equipped with PS/2 keyboard interface such as Lyra or PC-Key.

The AmigaOne keyboard is natively supported in the latest AmigaOS 4.1

Keyboard can be elevated off the desk by two rear fold-out comfort rests.

Model Number: KX1000-1. Two year limited return-to-base warranty provided by AmigaKit.com.

AmigaOne Keys
AmigaOne KeysAmiga Help KeyAmigaOne Logo
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