Amiga Software Development Kit (SDK)

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Amiga - so the world may know.

Begin exploring the new Amiverse(TM). This SDK is a good first look at the architecture and framework of the new Amiga Operating System. It is designed to introduce the Virtual Processor (VP) coding: the language of choice for the new Amiga OS. With it, developers can begin creating tools to aid themselves and others in porting and creating apps. Today, you can help shape the Amiga of tomorrow.

Available in two versions: Windows or Linux

System Requirements (Windows Version)
  Ethernet Network Card
  Windows 95B, 98, NT 3.0 (SP3), 2000 Pro, Millenium Edition
  64MB RAM (128MB or better recommended)
  100MB Hard Disk Space
  200Mhz or better CPU

System Requirements (Linux Version)
  PC with 2X AGP running an AMD K6-2 500mhz, any K6-III or Athlon or INTEL, Pentium II 300mhz or faster
  128mb ram or higher
  10 Gig hard drive or higher
  Soundblaster 16 bit compatible audio card (recommended Soundblaster 128)
  Matrox AGP G400 Dual Head Video Card 16mb or 32mb(this model will be 100% supported in future releases of SDK, although any Linux supported AGP Graphics card will work in the intial release, and its thought that the new Matrox G450 or G800 could be the graphics card in AmigaOne, more soon)
100 base T ethernet board PCI (recommended LinkSys LNE 100TX)
  VGA Monitor
  Red Hat Linux 6.1 installed