Amiga 9-pin to USB Mouse Adapter

Amiga 9-pin to USB Mouse Adapter


Date Added: Sunday 03 January, 2021

by Stuart Peake

You may love the original Amiga mice (and, to be fair, they're very pleasant, as inanimate objects go) but, like the rest of us, they ain't getting any younger. A suitable upgrade is a necessity, and as my old A600 mouse bit the big one, this adapter was one I was very keen to try out.

I’m just back from proper testing now, and pleased to report some really good results. For reference, I tried three devices: an £8.99 Microsoft Basic (, a __£25 Corsair Raptor M40, and a __£70 Alienware 610M wireless mouse.

The Corsair was a bust, as I expected. Used with a USB tester I have, it showed that it pulled too many amps for the adapter to cope with. Fair enough, and what I expected - It does have about a gajillion buttons, for a start.

The MS mouse worked flawlessly. A very good device indeed, and a must buy at around £9. Especially in white, as it almost matches the Amiga’s case.

What was a fantastic surprise was the Alienware mouse, whose wireless capability worked perfectly. This is 2.4Ghz, not Bluetooth (which wouldn’t work with this adapter) but opens you up to a whole bunch of potential devices.

In summary an excellent adapter, solidly constructed, that both literally and figuratively transforms your mouse usage :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]