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Amiga Forever 7 Premium Edition

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New Amiga Forever 7 Premium Edition is Cloanto's officially licensed Amiga software emulation environment. This Premium Edition blends high-quality software and original content with the ultimate set of videos to chronicle and let you experience firsthand the history, culture, challenges and passion behind the Amiga..

This high quality software is supplied on 3x DVDs and features numerous extra enhancements over it's predecessors.

New features in Amiga Forever 7:

  New playlists, with ability to add custom content folders and to change the location of builtin Amiga Files
  Option to autostart PC into favorite Amiga configuration (or CBM 8-bit, if C64 Forever is installed too)
  Titles can be run from Windows File Explorer without opening the main Amiga Forever player, adding to previous playerless preview and editing capabilities
  Enhanced PowerPC emulation features
  General and title-specific game controller personalization, including support for Xbox, X-Arcade and I-PAC controllers, virtual buttons and arbitrary keyboard layouts
  Additional input features: left-handed support, configurable autofire (also with separate fire) and merging of multiple game controllers and keyboard layouts into single emulated hardware
  All systems support "Type Clipboard" and automatic Unicode-aware mapping of typed and pasted text, also when the PC and emulated Amiga keyboard layouts do not match
  Improved high-DPI support and multi-monitor options
  New and improved media features: pervasive RDB disk support, shared drives, deployable large disk images, etc.
  Massively improved authoring and playback capabilities, as part of a project that reached more than 500,000 lines of code (not counting open source modules, in which we are active contributors as well)
  Update checks are now over HTTPS (TLS) and are combined with digital signature verifications for enhanced integrity, confidentiality and security
  Improved security sandbox
  Numerous other new features and refinements (performance, audio, WHDLoad and AROS updates, Rescan, Build Image, dynamic warning triangles, new Facebook Graph API, visualization of RP9 manifest changes, etc.)

Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
Amiga Forever is supplied with the Original Amiga Kickstart ROM files and operating system files (all versions from 0.7 to 3.X). You can now try out and use different Amiga Workbench versions and configurations quickly and easily on your PC. For added compatibility , you can select different Amiga models to run older Amiga software as it was originally intended by the authors. (read full summary of features)

Workbench 1.3 and 3.X
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Of course, the Amiga was famous for it's great games and Amiga Forever DVD contains an Amiga games pack to get your started! It's a fun and easy way of playing those Classic Amiga games.

Alternatively watch the famous Scene demos (more than 100 included) and have fun reliving the excitement and nostalgia of the Amiga computer.

New for the 2014 edition, a new version of Personal Paint (PPaint) is included (v7.2).

The popular AmiKit and AmigaSYS are now integrated in Amiga Forever for added convenience.
AmiKit and AmigaSys
AmiKit and AmigaSys
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In addition the package comes with two DVDs (5 hours) of interesting historical Amiga videos: Launch of Amiga (1985), Inside Commodore (1988), Jay Miner Speech (1989), Jay Miner Interview (1990), History of the Amiga (1992), The Deathbed Vigil (1994), Dave Haynie Interview (2001). The DVDs are Dual Layer with professional DVD menus, special features and subtitles. The DVD videos are also Region 0 so will play in any country.

Amiga Forever Player
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Amiga Forever Screenshot
Workbench Screenshot
Workbench Screenshot Amiga Forever Games
Amiga Forever Screenshot
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Workbench Screenshot
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Workbench 1.3 Screenshot
Amiga Forever Games Pack
DeathBed Vigil Video Jay Miner Interview Inside Commodore Amiga's Launch
DeathBed Vigil Video (1994) Jay Miner Interview (1990) Inside Commodore (1988) Launch Of Amiga (1985)

A Windows application, Amiga Explorer is included so if your PC and Amiga are networked together, you can copy data to and from the Amiga, and move, rename, delete, format and examine properties of Amiga files, directories and volumes, through the familiar Windows Desktop and Explorer interfaces.

Amiga Forever is compatible with other great retro products such as Keyrah Amiga, Catweasel MK4 Plus and the popular USB remake of the Competition Pro joystick (all sold separately).

Features Summary
- Emulation of Amiga hardware (allows you to run Amiga software on your PC)*
- Original ROM and OS files (all Workbench versions from 0.7 to 3.X) - Additional emulation and drivers (RTG, SCSI, TCP/IP, AHI, CDTV, CD³², etc.)
- Preconfigured WinUAE and WinFellow emulation engines with auto-updates**
- Preinstalled games, demos and applications (web browser, paint, etc.)
- Support for thousands of downloadable Amiga games, demos and applications**
- Amiga Explorer and Amiga Files data sharing framework
- Optionally bootable DVD, based on KX Light (boots your PC into Workbench)***
- More than five hours of "must-see" Amiga videos (two DVDs)
- Special features and gallery of items of historical interest
- Much, much more...

System Requirements (Windows Software)

Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 (R2), Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 (R2)
CPU: 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Hard disk: 400 MB free
Video: high color or true color
Sound: optional
DirectX: 9.0 or higher
Audiences: 7+ (depictions of violence)

Media: 2 DVDs
DVD region: 0 (all regions)
Video system: NTSC (compatible with most PAL players)
Aspect ratio: 4:3 (videos respect original format)
Audio: English stereo, English mono
Subtitles: English, Italian
Special features: interactive menus, scene access
Audiences: PG (infrequent bad language, use of alcohol)

DVD 0 (Software)

Amiga Forever Plus Edition
Amiga Forever Game Pack I

DVD 1 (Videos)

Launch of Amiga (1985, 17')
Inside Commodore (1988, 40')
Jay Miner Speech (1989, 49')
Jay Miner Interview (1990, 9')
History of the Amiga (1992, 43')

DVD 2 (Videos)

The Deathbed Vigil (1994, 118')
Dave Haynie Interview (2001, 55')
Amiga Faces Picture Gallery (2005, 49’)

* Emulation software for Windows is ready to run (from DVD or after installation, no additional downloads required). ROM and OS files can be used for emulation on other platforms (e.g. Mac OS, GNU/Linux, etc.), but may be unsupported and may require download and manual installation of additional free software. Due to hardware differences, Amiga floppy drives and some other peripherals cannot be connected to non-Amiga hardware, even if running an emulation.

** Automatic updates and additional downloads require an internet connection. Download sites are listed on the web site.

*** Experimental feature for advanced users. May not work on all hardware.

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