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The Amiga computer was manufactured by Commodore between 1985 and 1994. We are suppliers of brand new Amiga hardware, developed and manufactured in house by our engineering and technical staff. We support and supply Amiga software and hardware for the following computer platforms:

Commodore-Amiga 500 & 500 Plus: debuted in 1987 until 1992, this desktop Amiga was hugely popular in UK and Europe.
Commodore-Amiga 600: in June 1992 this smaller Amiga was released to replace the 500. It introduced both a PCMCIA socket and IDE interface.
Commodore-Amiga 1000: the very first 16-bit Amiga system was unveiled in July 1985 revealing pre-emptive multitasking
Commodore-Amiga 1200: featured Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) chipset, 32-bit address bus, IDE interface and PCMCIA socket
Commodore-Amiga 1500 & 2000: these "big box" Amiga systems had Zorro II expansion slots for extra expandability
Commodore-Amiga 3000: featuring a formidable 68030 CPU, this Amiga offered extra performance and expandability
Commodore-Amiga 4000 & 4000T: expandable and powerful Amiga systems in desktop and tower enclosures with Zorro III expansion slots.
Commodore CDTV: this home multimedia system was not marketed as an Amiga in 1991 but was based around the Amiga 500 architecture
Commodore-Amiga CD32: Commodore's last Amiga was a games console based on the Amiga 1200 architecture with a CD drive