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Aladdin 4D

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Aladdin 4D v5.0 is one of the most complete 3D packages you can find on the Amiga market today. It comes complete with enhanced animation, modeling, lighting, and rendering that can all be extended with an advanced plugin system. Aladdin 4D provides professional features at a price anyone can afford.

Available on the Amiga platform, Aladdin 4D steps forward with a complete suite of tools available for you to use. Aladdin 4D comes with the tools, plugins, and functions necessary for you to deliver the highest quality work on time and under budget. Best of all, Aladdin 4D does this without sacrificing quality or ease of use.

By including the tools you need with the quality you deserve and all at the right price, Aladdin 4D is the package for you.

Aladdin 4D stands above other 3D packages, providing an easy to use interface that is functional, elegant, and above all else, easy-to-use. And unlike many other solutions, Aladdin 4D does not separate out the various elements of 3D work into separate interfaces. Aladdin 4D's primary interface controls all aspects of the system, from modeling to animation, lighting to effects. With a reduced learning curve combined with a single powerful and easy to use interface, Aladdin 4D is the right 3D program for you.

  100% Amiga Styleguide compliant
  CyberGraphX support
  Basic ARexx scripting
  AmigaGuide Help System
  Logically organized menus
  Font sensitive interface
  Real world coordinates
  Dolly, Truck, and Pan capabilities
  Infinite Surface Layering

Thanks to the unified interface, Aladdin 4D allows in-animation modification, deformation, and enhancement of 3D models in a dynamic manner. Thanks to Aladdin 4D's versatile modeling abilities, you can create 3D animations typically reserved for higher-priced packages while staying under budget. Rather than forcing you to adapt your imagination to the environment, Aladdin 4D works by adapting its environment so that the only limit in Aladdin 4D is your imagination.

  Spline modeling tools
  Surface editing directly during modeling
  Easy to use lasso style zoom
  Extensive modeling tools including Extrude, Path Extrude, Lathe, Bevel, Mirror, Clone, Subdivide and many more
  PostScript file importing can load a subset of most Postscript files
  Draw freehand shapes, or trace over images directly
  Work in an unlimited number of layers/spaces
  Line of sight cutting tool allows complex object creation with ease
  Create organic objects with spline curves

Aladdin 4D, offers high quality rendering output, powerful capabilities and one of the most flexible systems available today for any platform. You can get both photo-realistic along with unreal approaches to your scene in Aladdin 4D without sacrificing quality in either. With Aladdin 4D, the output is exactly what you need it to be when you need it.

  Fastest possible rendering available on the Amiga
  Multi-level supersampling antialiasing
  Full control at render time over render attributes and settings
  Motion blur with controllable passes
  Fully customizable lens flare and 3D flare objects
  Render 32-bit images in standard resolutions or in custom resolutions
  Generate photorealistic soft shadows
  Control light attributes including Light Type, Color, Intensity, Falloff, Lens Flare, Shadow Options and more
  Direct support of CyberGraphX, DCTV, Toaster, Retina, OpalVision and standard Amiga modes including HAM8, 24-bit IFF and more

Lighting can make or break any animation. The right lighting adds that touch of realism to a project, the wrong lighting can ruin it. With this in mind, Aladdin 4D offers a wide range of dynamic lighting tools and plugins to fill most needs.

  Shading can be facet, Gouraud or Phong. Other attributes are timelined so objects can change reflectivity, color, transparency, hardness, etc. during the animation by spline controls
  Unlimited lights of any type
  Lights use attribute lists that can be animated to change color and strength
  True photoreal soft shadows and user optimizable ray traced shadows
  Conic lights (Spotlights) with full controls and targeting
  Negative light

Aladdin 4D comes with animating tools and plugins that compare to the best in the industry! Aladdin 4D integrates them as part of the whole package, giving you the ability to put that extra little touch to the project, granting your audience the experience they have come to expect. Aladdin 4D allows unprecedented flexibility for your animations, granting you everything you ever dreamed of as a 3D animator.

  Camera can use one or more targets which control zoom, tilt and direction and even pan from one target to the next, all under spline control
  Animation of objects via paths and spline paths
  Paths also control rotation, scaling, mechanical waves, deforms and instancing, and can be linked for complex motion
  Timeline and 3D morphing animation techniques are supported
  Control splines can be used to control all aspects of transition
  Animate nearly all attributes of your scenes through easy to use envelope controls
  Animate lights, lens flares, textures, objects, even camera attributes
  Hierarchical motion paths and targeting abilities
  Advanced motion controls including Spline Controls, Velocity, Shifting and Scaling
  Enhanced lens flare controls with complete customization and animation

System Requirements
Runs on any Amiga, or Amiga compatible system, including all models of Commodore Amiga, Quikpak Amiga, Escom Amiga, Draco, Pegasos, AmigaOne, and emulated under Amithlon, Amiga Forever and UAE.

Requires 1mb ChipRAM (Amigas) and 4mb FastRAM. 10mb of hard drive storage (or more) required. Supplied on Floppies.