Accelerators and RAM cards for Commodore Amiga

Boost your Amiga's performance and capability with our range of RAM expansions and accelerators. Floating Point Units (FPU), Real Time Clock and Sensors are available to add to our Amiga expansions.


Jargon Buster

Accelerator: upgrade board for your Amiga that increases the speed and performance.
RAM card: upgrade board for your Amiga that increases the available memory and sometimes also performance.
Memory: programs are stored temporarily in memory, or RAM while they are running. Additional memory is needed for more complex programs. Memory is erased every time the Amiga is reset or powered down.
Chip Memory: a special type of memory used by the Amiga's graphics and sound chips- sometimes referred to as Graphics Memory.
Floating Point Unit (FPU): a special co-processor that can calculate floating point mathematics, taking the burden off main Central Processing Unit (CPU). Useful for 3D graphics rendering applications.
Real Time Clock (RTC): the Real Time Clock stores and updates the current time and date even when the Amiga is powered down due to it being self-powered by a small battery. The Amiga time and date stamps files when they are created or updated.