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ACA 500 Accelerator

Availability: No delivery date or availability confirmed

The ACA 500 is a new accelerator for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 500+ computer ³

It offers faster performance, extra memory and Compact Flash card media slots which can be used for a bootable hard drive and Compact Flash media slot (add optional CF card below)

It also features an A1200-style expansion connector which is compatible with some A1200 expansions (see below for details).

Product Features
  68EC000/10 clocked at 14MHz, so will accelerate the Amiga 500's performance
  2 MB RAM of available memory on board: 0.5MB can be allocated to MapROM function
  External expansion which slots into side of A500 so there is no need to open the Amiga 500 case
  1x Bootable Hard Drive Compact Flash card slot which is bootable and can read or write Amiga cards
  1x Media Compact Flash slot which can read/write PC FAT formatted cards
  Compatible with existing trapdoor RAM expansions (up to 1.8 MB)
  Compatible with existing Chip Mem expansion upgrades
  Custom expansion port for local hardware (14 MHz 16 bit, double Zorro speed)
  Clock port for compatible hardware expansions such as Silversurfer or Catweasel Mk2 Anniversary Edition
  Optionally expandable by adding a new ACA 1220 ¹ or ACA 1232 accelerator card
  Licensed Kickstart ROM images 1.3 and 3.1 installed in onboard Flash ROM
  FAT95 file system installed in internal Flash ROM
  Compatible with WHDLoad game software
  Bootable Hard Drive Available ² (add optional CF card below)Add Compact Flash Card
  EasyADF software optionally available pre-installed on CF hard drive (add optional CF card with EasyADF below)
  Firmware flash recovery floppy disk available (add optional Recovery floppy disk below)

¹ ACA 1220 accelerators sold before September 5th 2013 will require a firmware upgrade by manufacturer to work with ACA 500. ² For legal reasons, we cannot supply Amiga Operating System pre-installed. You will require your own Workbench disk images. ³ motherboard revision 5 or higher required. At this time, there are some unconfirmed reports of NTSC motherboards not working with ACA 500.

Don't Forget:
  Amiga 500 motherboard