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A4000 Compact Flash CF IDE Back Plate Adapter


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3.5" IDE Cable:

Hard Drive (CF):

Molex Power Adapter Cable:

A4000™ Compact Flash CF IDE Back Plate Adapter
If you want to easily install or remove your compact flash hard drive on your Amiga 4000 / 4000T without the incovenience of opening the Amiga every time, then this adapter with back plate will help.
A4000™ CF IDE Back Plate with compact flash card slot cut-out.
Optional 40 way IDE cable to reach from the rear backplate slot to internal IDE socket. Additional IDE connector on cable for connecting another compatible 40-way IDE device.
Contents of kit:
1x IDE CF 40-way adapter
1x metal rear back plate with Compact Flash cut-out
Optional extras:
Long IDE cable 40-way with 3x 40-way connectors (configure below)
4GB CF Hard Drive can be optionally added below (prepped and fully formatted with our OS-Install software pre-installed)
Molex to 4-pin Floppy Berg power adapter cable. This is useful if your power supply doesn’t have any spare 4-pin floppy power cable.
If you need to connect up to four IDE devices to your Amiga 4000 we also sell the A4000 4-Device IDE Interface. This interface is compatible with the A4000 CF IDE Back Plate Adapter.
Adapter is not hot pluggable. Amiga must be powered down first before removing or installing CF cards. Amiga 4000 shown in pictures are not included and for illustration purposes only. A4000 is a trade mark of AmigaKit Ltd.
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