A3000 / A3000T CLOCK BATTERY (Ni-MH)

A3000 / A3000T CLOCK BATTERY (Ni-MH)


It is quite common after a few years for A3000's to have a leaking real-time clock battery.

Replace it before it corrodes your Amiga motherboard with this 3.6V surface mounting Ni-MH battery. This barrel battery has three contact legs for connection to the Amiga motherboard.

This battery is supplied with a program to set the configuration data saved in the nonvolatile ram of the A3000 clock chip program (supplied on floppy disk).

Battery is suitable with both the Amiga 3000 desktop and Amiga 3000 Tower (A3000T).

We can replace a leaking battery on your A3000 motherboard - please contact us for a quote.

Amiga Clock Battery (front view)Amiga Clock Battery (rear view)
Battery (Front View)Battery (Rear View)

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