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A1200 Compact Flash CF IDE Back Plate Adapter

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A1200™ Compact Flash CF IDE Back Plate Adapter
If you want to easily install or remove your compact flash hard drive on your Commodore Amiga 1200 without the inconvenience of opening the computer every time, then this adapter with back plate will help.
A1200™ CF IDE Back Plate for rear trapdoor with compact flash card slot cut-out.
Long 44 way IDE cable to reach from the rear trapdoor to internal IDE socket
Additional IDE connector for connecting another compatible 44-way IDE device.
Available in white or black colour to match your case (select option below).
The provided IDE cable plugs on to the standard 44-way internal Amiga 1200 IDE header and laid flat across the shielding, passing underneath the floppy drive to the rear trapdoor. Backplate is secured in the rear space underneath the floppy drive.
Contents of kit:
1x IDE CF 44-way adapter
1x Plastic rear trapdoor back plate with Compact Flash cut-out
1x Long IDE cable 44-way with 3x 44-way connectors
4GB CF Hard Drive can be optionally added below (prepped and fully formatted with our OS-Install software pre-installed)Add Compact Flash Card

Adapter is not hot pluggable. Amiga must be powered down first before removing or installing CF cards. Amiga 1200 or CF media shown in pictures are not included and for illustration purposes only. A1200 is a trade mark of AmigaKit Ltd.