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ACA 1232/33Mhz 128MB Accelerator with MMU

Availability: No delivery date or availability confirmed

ACA 1232 Accelerator with 128MB RAM

For Amiga 1200 and ACA 500
Full 68030 inc MMU running at 33MHz (not overclocked)
128MB Fast Memory (32-bit) with burstmode support
1MB reserved for MapROM feature
PCMCIA compatible
Optional Real Time Clock module (available separately from us)
7.89 MIPS from SysInfo tests (see below)

SysInfo Speed Test
(click to expand)
AIBB Speed Test
(click to expand)
Bustest Speed Test
(click to expand)
ACATune utility can be downloaded for free or we can supply it on a floppy disk (see configurations options below).